A word from the Committee by David Doerig, AIWM Treasurer

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A word from the Committee
by David Doerig, AIWM Treasurer

With the Q4 already started, we are soon entering the festive season and ready to welcome 2024. The last quarter has been yet again an interesting one. The financial landscape remains dynamic, and we are eagerly awaiting what surprises Q4 may bring to the industry and financial markets.

The money laundering case has snowballed further and increased the importance of proper KYC and AML processes. For more than a decade, AIWM has strived to make a significant, positive impact to uplift the IWM sector and create a platform for the IWM practitioners to operate competently through continuous training development, business support and networking opportunities. As we double down on our efforts to uphold professional standards and build reputational capital as a sector, it is critically important that our member firms have robust operating processes and review regularly to ensure compliance with ongoing regulatory obligations, so we can shape a better future for IWMs with longer term and more sustainable outcomes.

On a lighter note, did you know? It’s World Smile Day on 6th October 2023. Let us bring smiles to others with just a simple compliment, a cheery hello, or a small gift.

At AIWM, our way of brightening your day, bringing more smiles to you is by getting everyone together to connect and network. The events that you have been waiting for are coming your way!

Nov 16th: AIWM Executive Sparks – The Future Of Singapore As A Wealth Management Hub
Nov 30th: Candlelight Crescendo – Annual Gala by AIWM
Dec 6th: AIWM Regulatory & Compliance Update

Activate your “Save the Date” mode today!


David Doerig, AIWM Treasurer

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