A word from the Committee by Cynthia See, AIWM Secretary

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A word from the Committee
by Cynthia See, AIWM Secretary

Singapore adjusted its Dorscon (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition) level from yellow to green and thereafter, Budget 2023 was delivered, setting out a comprehensive range of measures for us to “move forward in a new era”. As the global economy transits to a post-Covid-19 situation, with borders fully opened and in Singapore, masks are no longer mandatory even in public transport, businesses are ramping up in a good way.

As we approach the second quarter of 2023, we are deeply heartened and encouraged by the support from our community. We launched the AWIM Executive Sparks on a positive note, with our C-suite leaders having had a lively dialogue with thought leaders from the farm entertainment, waste management and alternative meats space, thinking out-of-the-box on the “Future of Food” to Redefine, Reimagine and Reinvent tomorrow. Watch this space for the next instalment of the AIWM Executive Sparks, slated in May.

The team is doubling down on efforts to draw the community closer together whilst enhancing the competencies to deliver world class wealth management services to their clients. We have lined up an exciting calendar of events for Q2 and the bi-annual educational workshops will kick off on 5th May 2023. We are inviting our esteemed Associate Members to participate as speakers in this 5th edition of AIWM Professional Excellence. Meanwhile if you have any ideas, be it ways we can improve, news to shares etc, please feel free to approach the Committee and send us your feedback to support-sg@aiwm.sg.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is both uplifting and deeply gratifying for me to see more women taking up leadership roles across industries, and closer to my heart, the independent wealth management sector. To move forward in a new era, a new era of leadership peppered with empathy and compassion is becoming more a must-have, something which women leaders should not shy away as notions of female leadership but embrace it wholeheartedly – thumbs up! Happy International Women’s Day to all my fellow comrades in AIWM!


Cynthia See, Secretary

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