Welcome to our new associate members: Sanlam, Gateway Private Market and IFSAM

Welcome to our new associate members: Sanlam, Gateway Private Market and IFSAM

We are glad to welcome our three new Associate Members on board! 

- Giles Boeree, Regional Sales Director | Sanlam Limited
“Sanlam is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa with a 100+ year-old diversified financial services group with over 100,000 employees worldwide and 10+ million clients in 45 countries. While we manage numerous strategies across all asset classes we consider risk management as one of our core strengths and have particular expertise in equity thematic and specialist bond sectors as well as asset allocation. We have joined AIAM is because we are still largely unknown in Asia and are looking to connect, and in some cases partner, with key local players to get to know and access the market better via non-product specific initial engagements. In turn, Members of AIAM can now fully leverage on Sanlam's decades of experience in building businesses in tough emerging markets while establishing ourselves in developed markets as an initial outsider. We are looking forward to hosting a topical discussion, connect and share our capabilities with everyone.”
- Rachel Troublaiewitch, CEO | Gateway Private Markets
"Gateway Private Markets is very honored to be joining the AIAM as the first pure-play late-stage private tech institutional platform. Members of AIAM can now fully leverage on Gateway's platform and extensive connectivity to companies and shareholders in 100+ global private companies. Beyond access to high quality and in-demand opportunities, as we work hand in hand with wealth managers to provide market intelligence and price discovery data points all in an end-to-end execution framework to support their clients’ investment decisions. Together with AIAM's network, we can bridge the gap between public and private markets to make the private technology asset class more accessible as a product, while accommodating diversification and net return demands of investors. We look forward to engaging with all members of the association from an educational session, one-to-one discussions, and fireside chat sessions."
- Philip Joslin, Business Development Manager, APAC | International Fund Services & Asset Management (IFSAM)
"We are very proud to be a new member of AIAM Singapore and look forward to assisting in growing the knowledge about execution abilities for the Mutual, Hedge and ETF markets. We anticipate working with the members, sharing trends such as ESG investing, ETF market growth, investment search tools, and similarities between the 2 financial centres of Luxembourg and Singapore. Markets constantly evolve and we are part of that process with our partners."

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