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Up Close and Personal with... ... Audrey Tang, COO, Lighthouse Canton

“The first wealth is health”, the importance of good health has been even more pronounced during covid.

– Audrey Tang, COO, Lighthouse Canton

Tell us about yourself and your company.

Lighthouse Canton is a global investment institution headquartered in Singapore. In addition to our office in Singapore, we are also present in both Dubai and India. We are just over 100 people strong across our wealth and asset management businesses. We create value for our investors through our well-researched and innovative investment solutions backed by our institutional platform and framework. As the Group COO, I take lead in ensuring a seamless process flow in both the Operations and Finance function.

What is wealth management to you?

Wealth Management is like an art. A good art piece requires a balanced interaction among various elements such as color, texture and space. Wealth management also demands professionals with different expertise to collaborate in order to deliver a seamless, delightful wealth management experience. Apart from the Wealth Advisors who are there to understand your desired financial goals and an Investment Consultant who designs your portfolio to deliver superior returns within the risk perimeters, a host of other teams such as the Operations, Business Solutions and Risk Management teams, would also be required to come together to work in an effective and efficient manner. And like Art, there is no fixed formula, each client is unique and so the requirement of each expertise would need to vary accordingly.

Three things you’ve learned over the past three years (career & personal)?

  1. As American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote “The first wealth is health”, the importance of good health has been even more pronounced during covid.

  2. Secondly, the need to stay curious is increasingly important. With constant developments and breakthroughs such as chatgpt and data trust, there are multiple ways that such changes could impact the business landscape or even our clients. Hence, we need to be aware of these changes and anticipate the potential impact in order to stay relevant.

  3. And this brings me to my final point – being adaptable to changes. There are many fronts on which one could be affected. It may be due to digital advancement, regulatory changes and even the pandemic we just experienced. We need to stay nimble and adapt quickly to stay ahead of the game.

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