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Get to know about Bonafide Wealth Management AG with Marco Fiorini

Marco Fiorini


Bonafide Wealth Management AG

Tell us about your company.

Bonafide Wealth Management AG is a dedicated asset management firm that focuses exclusively on the fish and seafood industry and its value chain. Our mission is to drive sustainable growth in the sector by aligning investors with companies that harness the potential of the #BlueRevolution. We are committed to being a global leader in sustainable investments, leveraging our expertise to foster innovation and responsible practices within the fish and seafood value chain.

What roles does Bonafide Wealth Management AG play in the EAM ecosystem?

Bonafide Wealth Management serves a crucial role in the External Asset Management (EAM) ecosystem by acting as a key facilitator between investors and sustainable companies in the fish and seafood industry. Our contributions include:

Specialized Expertise: We provide deep insights and specialized knowledge in the fish and seafood sector, guiding investors towards informed and strategic investment decisions.

Network Facilitation: We connect investors with leading companies and innovators in the industry, fostering partnerships that drive sustainable growth and technological advancement.

Sustainability Leadership: We champion investments that prioritize environmental responsibility and long-term value creation, setting benchmarks for sustainable practices in the EAM ecosystem.

Market Influence: By leading with a focus on impactful and responsible investing, we influence market standards and encourage broader adoption of sustainable investment practices within the sector.

Through these roles, Bonafide Wealth Management AG not only enhances the EAM ecosystem but also ensures that investments contribute to a sustainable and profitable future for the fish and seafood industry.

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