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Get to know about B&I Capital with Owen O’Connor-Aoki

Owen O’Connor-Aoki

Head of Business Development and Investor Relations – Asia

B&I Capital

Tell us about your company.

B&I Capital is a leading expert on global listed Real Estate securities, with specific expertise in Asian markets. Founded as an independent asset manager 2007, B&I Capital aims to give investors a means to replicate the risk-adjusted returns of multi-class Real Estate ownership, predominantly via the REIT market. With offices in Singapore, Zurich (HQ), and Austin, Texas, B&I Capital currently has both Global and Asian strategies, with corresponding UCITS funds and mandates with clients spanning the globe.

With its proven investment process and track record, B&I Capital provides exceptional independent asset management services across the institutional client spectrum. The firm’s fundamental bottom-up investment process is a bedrock of its management strategy and has been implemented since inception. B&I Capital is still run by its two co-founders and portfolio managers, Christian Bernasconi (Asia) and Charles Isaac (Global) and has maintained its office in Singapore since 2010.

What roles does B&I Capital play in the EAM ecosystem?

B&I Capital appreciates its role as one of the longest tenured independent real estate asset managers and provides respected thought leadership and pinpoint expertise on global listed real estate markets. We are excited to be part of the AIWM family and look forward to providing value-added real estate insights to the AIWM community going forward.

As a pure play boutique asset management firm, B&I Capital plays an important role in providing investors with robust risk-adjusted exposure to an asset class that it believes plays an important part of a well-balanced portfolio. B&I Capital leverages its proven investment process and risk management frameworks, coupled with its focus on ESG investment principles, to provide exceptional and independent asset management services to its global client base.

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