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Independent Wealth Management Forum 2017

AIAM, together with Hubbis cordially invites AIAM Ordinary Members to the 5th annual event for the independent wealth management community in Asia.

A 2020 vision for independent wealth management in Asia

Given the uncertainly and volatility in the markets, a lot of private banks face a tough time in providing any real value or advice to clients. Further, with many private banks now fearful of doing the wrong thing given the regulatory spotlight, this might have a negative impact on service levels.

As a result, the next couple of years probably represents the best-ever opportunity for independent wealth managers to shine and attract net new money.

The value of a differentiated approach in the form of genuinely independent advice is also becoming clearer – both to clients as well as private bankers who might feel restricted in what they can do for their clients within the current environment. Read More


Mar 09 2017 - May 09 2017


The Fullerton Hotel
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
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