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Columbia Threadneedle Investments | Webinar: Columbia Threadneedle Investments’ eFMPs: An enhanced approach to consistent income and certainty

Date and time: Tuesday, September 1, 2020 10 AM to 11 AM (GMT +8)
Duration: 1 hour

FMPs have become highly pervasive over the past years, featuring as a mainstay in Asian investors’ portfolios. FMPs deploy a buy-and hold strategy, focusing on capital preservation whilst providing regular income. We believe this dual appeal cater to the needs of the following clienteles:

• ‘Fixed-deposit’ clients who desire a higher yield for the same tenor
• ‘Straight-bond’ clients who yearn to enjoy the diversification, research and professional management benefits of a traditional bond fund

In this webinar, our Deputy Global Head of Fixed Income, Gene Tannuzzo and Senior Portfolio Manager, IG Credit, Royce Wilson will share Columbia Threadneedle Investments’ rich heritage in buy-and-maintain asset management, expanding on our investment philosophy, approach and process that has served our clients well over the decades.

They will elaborate on our credit capabilities and outlook, discussing the case for global FMPs. Importantly, they will also explain our enhanced portfolio construction approach that differentiates our eFMPs from those in the market.

CTI’s Enhanced Approach: A counter balance of risks for better outcomes

Credit risk is not the only risk in FMPs, as bonds maturing too early or too late introduces risks as well. Gene and Royce will detail how we approach the construction of FMPs to minimise these risks and why our enhanced FMPs are superior to traditional FMPs in the market. We look at these risks not just through an avoidance perspective, but also as a means to potentially enhance the yield delivered to our clients. We believe that actively targeting these sources of risks and counterbalancing the effects can produce a more certain yield while minimizing some of these risks.

Join us and hear from Gene and Royce on how we combine our fundamental credit research framework with our proprietary systematic portfolio construction process to enhance the outcomes of our eFMPs.


Sep 02 2020

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