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Future of Food

AIWM Executive Sparks

To start the year on a high note, AIWM Singapore will be kicking off a series of events, reserved only for our members who are C-level leaders, to come together, engage in conversations that spur disruptive discussions, push boundaries and think out-of-the box. Introducing AIWM Executive Sparks, designed to curate content around future trends to spark dialogue on the challenges of tomorrow to Redefine, Reimagine and Reinvent tomorrow.

In collaboration with EHL Hospitality Business School (EHL), we will be launching the inaugural event with a panel of speakers, who are subject matter experts in their respective domains, to exchange insights on how we can put our food system on an environmentally-sound path and explore what the “Future of Food” holds ahead of us.

Future of Food
Collaboration between EHL Hospitality Business School (EHL) and the Association of Independent Wealth Managers Singapore (AIWM)
The enormous effort to satisfy big appetites across the globe creates significant environmental impacts, from pumping millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the air and fertilisers leaching into our water supplies, to overfishing, massive die-offs of bees from pesticides, and habitat loss. Have we made the wild biodiversity much more fragile with our insatiable demand for food?

From supporting local farmers, alternative meat choices to eliminating food waste, companies are altering what they produce for consumers, shaping the future of the industry for the better. With growing pressures from a rising world population, global warming, inequality in access to food, food supply challenges and changing views on sustainability, it is certainly time for us to question the long-term sustainability of the current trends in the production and consumption of food.

Join us at this panel discussion as we exchange insights on how we can put our food system on an environmentally-sound path and explore what the future of food holds ahead of us.

The panel, moderated by Shinn Teo from EHL Hospitality Business School, includes representation from the following thought leaders (more to be confirmed):

  • Farm Entertainment: Kenny Eng (Founder & Principal Consultant at Gardenasia)
  • Waste Management: Rayner Loi (Co-Founder & CEO of Lumitics)

We look forward to welcoming you to our inaugural event.


Feb 10 2023


09:00 AM


EHL Campus (Singapore)
EHL Campus, 3 Lady Hill Rd, Singapore 258672
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