The MAS reminded financial institutions once again to activate their access to MAS-Tx, the new platform for interactions with MAS, at the latest by 17 March 2023. EAMs should access the platform as described in Circular No. CMI 28/2022 and ensure that they can access all relevant services for their submissions.

With effect from 13 February 2023 Safe Management Measures for workplaces have been fully lifted. Accordingly, EAMs may revoke remaining policies and procedures on COVID-19. However, they may consider putting a copy aside as a template for future pandemic measures.

The MAS highlighted the money laundering risk from misconduct in the crypto industry in Circular No.: AMLD 01/2023. Financial institutions should remain vigilant in their dealings with digital payment token and virtual asset service providers and persons involved with them. They should understand the business of their business relations DPT and VA service providers and assess transactions carefully. Nonetheless, the MAS calls for a risk-based approach that allows for the continuation of dealings with legitimate businesses.