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Bank of Singapore


On 29 January 2010, ING Asia Private Bank (IAPB) was acquired by OCBC Bank, one of Asia’s leading financial services institutions. The combined private banking businesses of IAPB and OCBC was subsequently named Bank of Singapore.

As a wholly-owned private banking subsidiary of OCBC Bank, we offer a fully open-architecture product sourcing platform while leveraging on OCBC Bank’s extensive branch network and entire value chain of specialised financial services.

Private Banking is a specialised banking service that caters to wealthy individuals and families. Private bankers help clients manage their wealth by providing advice and services that are customised to their investment profiles and financial objectives.

Led by a dedicated Asian management team, Bank of Singapore can offer

Investment advice
Discretionary portfolio management
Estate and trust planning
Wealth structuring
You may choose to be actively involved in the day-to-day management of your wealth or empower our team of financial specialists to act on your behalf, based on pre-agreed objectives and limits*.

Key individuals
Olivier Denis

Senior managing Director

Annabelle Chow

Managing Director

Jean Tan

Director, Asian MFO / IAM Markets