Associate Member
J.P. Morgan


Backed by a committed team of global specialists who work with leading family offices and institutions, and with over 200 years of experience, we’re accustomed to the complex and dynamic nature of managing wealth. So not only do we work with you to simplify the way we do business together, but we also use our rich, deep history to give you the tools and strategies needed to help your clients achieve their goals while making a lasting impact.

Our scale, international presence and strong institutional knowledge base serve as the foundation of our leading Corporate & Investment Bank, Asset Management, and J.P. Morgan Securities teams—which encompass all that’s required to effectively serve our Institutional and Private Clients well into the future.

Leveraging our vast resources and global network, we’re invested in helping you make informed decisions on behalf of your clients by providing you with the insights and strategies that J.P. Morgan has to offer and opening our platform to you.

Key individuals
Hannes Hofmann

International Head of Multi-Family Office and Intermediary

Franck Chen

Head of Multi-Family Office and Intermediary, Asia

Raghav Mathur

Head of the MFO Investments Desk, Asia