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Swissquote Pte Ltd


Swissquote Bank is the leading digital Bank in Switzerland. Our range of digital banking and trading platforms services >300,000 globally, between direct (B2c) and Professional / Institutional (B2b) partners.

In the B2b segment, we offer global custody and brokerage execution services to regulated B2b partners, with direct access to our platform for authorised users (rather than through an EAM desk). Swissquote’s global investment universe covers >3 million securities than can be traded directly online via the platform, and access to our OTC trading desks when required

Swissquote’s vision is to be ‘the most innovative Bank globally’ and in the B2b segment our DNA is to provide the control and management of Partners clients account directly to our Partners, so they can access and manage from their preferred location and channel.

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Key individuals
Damian Hitchen


Mathias Dalla Valeria

Head Institutional Clients