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Wealth Management Alliance Pte Ltd


What we are

An independent wealth management specialist, providing high net worth individuals, families and institutional investors with financial advice on investment products, consolidated asset reporting and consulting services (on cost structure and business partner selection)

A firm committed to full transparency and independence from providers, with an absolute NO kick back policy, to guarantee at all times the alignment of interest with clients

A comprehensive serviced-office solution, acting as incubator for Single Family Offices, and aggregator of Independent Private Bankers and Asset-Managers

An integrated platform to foster business networking, club-deals, cross-fertilization of ideas, sharing of best practices and optimised Asset & Liability solutions

An alliance of like-minded investors and wealth advisors to benefit from a critical size community, to deliver superior and consistent returns with unbiased and unconstrained financial services


WMA’s solution for ultra-high net worth individuals, families and institutional investors, provides a bespoke Private Investment Office with premises, full market access, accounts and risks consolidation, outsourced CIO, mentoring of next generation investors

WMA is privately owned, not related to or remunerated by any banks, brokers or asset-managers, to offer holistic, objective and best-in-class services

WMA is exclusively working for its clients, with no proprietary trading, no credit nor market risks for its own account, to prevent any conflict of interest

WMA’s truly open-architecture enables traditional and new trading platforms, to get optimised terms and conditions with highest-standard business partners

WMA’s fee model with the client as sole pay-master, and pricing tailored to client’s economic needs (flat-fee or performance-based or function of asset size), are the only way to ensure accountability and efficiency in financial advisory for clients

WMA’s team of highly experienced and connected banking professionals is best-equipped to act as the trusted advisor to our clients

Key individuals
Nirmala Gopalakrishnan

Chief Administration Officer

Stephan Repkow

Founder & CEO