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Taurus Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd


In 2008 the global financial markets were racked with uncertainty and there was an opportunity in providing financial advice to high net-worth individuals by representing their interests to the Private Banks rather than representing the banks to high net worth families. Furthermore, there existed and currently exists a fundamental Conflict of Interest in the current practice of wealth management worldwide. There is constant pressure in financial institutions to meet underlying targets of fee and revenue generation for the institution with typically only a secondary focus towards generating a positive return on a client’s investment portfolio.

Taurus was officially launched on 10th April 2008 to provide customised financial and wealth advisory services via a model that involved working as the trusted advisor to high net worth families. The Client value proposition of Taurus is simple but powerful – to give best of breed ,unbiased advise on the financial assets of our clients . At Taurus we have simply restructured the way the firm is compensated to ensure an alignment of interest between our clients and Taurus. Every client of Taurus pays us a fee for advising them, making them in effect our employer and that ensures that we only have their agenda at the centre of any investment advice and recommendations we make.

Since its inception, the firm has impressively grown to a multicultural team of 20 and USD 1.7 B of Assets Under Advice in just 5 years. The diversity in the team allows us to work with families who are nationals of various countries. Currently, our clients are from and based in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Key individuals
Kelvin WONG

ED, Head of Compliance

Mandeep Nalwa

Founder, CEO

Yash Mishra

Managing Director, Head, Private Clients