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Lighthouse Canton


Client Focus is key at Lighthouse Canton. Our goal and objective is to align our business with the clients interest and create long-lasting relationships.

Employee owned and operated allows us to remain independent and provide our clients with transparent, unbiased and effective financial solutions.


Our goal is to deliver exceptional asset management services to our clients whilst advancing our knowledge base through research and development of new and innovative investment tools which help in adding value to our clients. With both global and local alliances in place, we have been able to provide our clients with a wide range of investment solutions.

We partner with high quality individuals and teams who bring significant domain expertise, proven track record of success, high integrity and a passion to exceed our clients’ expectations.


Disruption is the new normal. Our unique approach of embracing change and technology has kept Lighthouse Canton ahead of the curve and has been successful in providing our clients with an exceptional experience and helped in creating successful long term relationships.

Complete financial management does not have to be cumbersome. When you choose Lighthouse Canton, you’ll work with a devoted group of experts who furnish you with sound solutions and advise catering to your specific needs.

Key individuals
Shilpi Chowdhary


Rajesh Sundaresan


Sanket Sinha

Director, Private Markets

Mariana Ibrahim

Head of Investor Relations