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Innovative and high-quality service
At Vontobel Financial Products (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd., a team of seasoned professionals identifies world-spanning investment opportunities and products exclusively for eligible investors.

Vontobel Financial Products (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd is a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore. It is wholly owned by Vontobel Holding AG, a company established under the laws of Switzerland and listed on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange. The Vontobel group of companies engage in private banking, investment management and asset management activities. Vontobel stands for the values that influence the Swiss success model: professionalism, soundness, trustworthiness, quality and precision. Vontobel Financial Products (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. is dedicated to the needs of eligible counterparties.

In short, our counterparties benefit from our ability to customize structured financial solutions to meet their individual investment requirements. In addition, Vontobel Financial Products (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. provides very extensive know-how, longstanding market experience and the highest quality standards.

Key individuals
Remigio Luongo


Anup Gupta

Head of Sales APAC

Sebastien Moretton

Vianne Choo

Senior Financial Products Advisor