Associate Member
LGT Bank (Singapore) Ltd


LGT has been managed by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein for over 80 years and has a great deal of experience in managing family assets. In both our corporate and our investment strategies, we take a very long-term view. This is because we know that it takes time and discipline to achieve success.

Facts and figures

High liquidity, solid capitalization, a clear strategic focus – find out more about the key characteristics of our company.

Organizational structure

Thanks to our simple ownership arrangement, we have a clear and efficient organizational structure. This enables us to make decisions quickly and independently.

Ratings and awards

We are consistently highly rated by the rating agencies for our excellent creditworthiness. Furthermore, our advisory services and products regularly win awards from external, independent assessment bodies.

Key individuals
Gian Paolo Bardelli

Managing Director – Head of EAM Team

Andrea Laiso

Executive Director – Relationship Manager

Gregor Hochet

Executive Director – Relationship Manager

Thierry Nguyen

Director – Relationship Manager