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Global Precious Metals Pte Ltd


Global Precious Metals (GPM) is a niche player in the precious metals industry with a global service offering. The company grew out of a family office and services high net worth individuals looking to allocate part of their portfolio to physical precious metals as ‘wealth insurance’. With our long heritage in Singapore and our secure network of vested intermediaries involved in safekeeping wealth through generations, Global Precious Metals is ideally positioned to secure the long term custody of your physical precious metals:

A Group with a Long History

Global Precious Metals is part of a larger group (NIMOI) which has been based in Singapore since the 1950’s.

A Singapore Private Company

the company is domiciled in Singapore and benefits from its stable political environment, extremely efficient commercial law and low reporting requirements.

Outside the Financial System

Global Precious Metals offers a complete physical gold trading and structuring solution that sits outside the financial system, therefore eliminating banking sector counterparty risk and ensuring maximum discretion.

Key individuals
Nicolas Mathier


Maxime Fages

Head of Strategy & Digital Assets

Heena Mayani

Head of Client Relations