AIAM MAS Consultation Feedback


MAS Consultation: Jan 13 2017 submission deadline on Changes to min. examination requirements for appointed reps


On 12 December 2016, MAS has issued a consultation paper for the Review of Competency Requirements for Representatives Conducting Regulated Activities under the Securities and Futures Act and the Financial Advisers Act. The respective consultation ends on 13 January 2016.



                                                               Feedback Form

AIAM needs to provide consolidated input and feedback to the consultation paper which proposes amendments regarding the modules of the CMFAS exams to which representatives of IAMs are not subject (i.e. to the extent that we are only servicing accredited and institutional investors).

Kindly assist us in providing valuable feedback to MAS on its proposals.

Submit your response to and by 11 AM, Monday, 9th January 2017.


The Committee Members
Steve Knabl, Etienne Billaud, Lucie Hulme, Philipp Piaz, Anthonia Hui, Yash Mishra