Hello Everyone,

As we wrap up the year at the Association of Independent Wealth Managers, let’s take a moment to appreciate the lively journey we’ve shared.

Our networking events have been a brilliant mix of serious business and spirited exchanges. The C-level discussions? A deep dive into the Future, minus the jargon. Compliance events have kept us sharp and, dare I say, have even shaped our ever-growing to-do list? 

The gala evenings and AGMs proved that finance and fun could indeed go hand in hand. Who could forget the pop quiz? A surprising showcase of our collective competitive streak!

A big thanks to the committee for their stellar work – it’s been a group effort every step of the way. And let’s not forget Lisa, our business manager, whose skills have been nothing short of essential.

Now, looking ahead. Our committee is ready to pass the baton. Fresh perspectives are the lifeblood of innovation, and we’re on the lookout for new committee members. If you’ve ever wanted to steer the ship, the upcoming AGM and elections are your chance to step up.

As we approach a new Feng Shui cycle, change is in the air. With AI reshaping our field, it’s an exciting time to be in wealth management. Let’s embrace these changes with open minds and ready hands.

2024 is a blank page waiting for our story. Let’s fill it with groundbreaking ideas and collaborative successes.

See you at our next gathering!

Warm regards,



P.S. This message comes to you courtesy of ChatGPT. Embracing change and innovation isn’t just a concept, it’s a practice. Let’s stay ahead of the curve together.