As Mother’s Day (May 12, Sunday) approaches, let’s honour the remarkable women who support and guide us every day. Whether it’s expressing heartfelt affection or a simple act of gratitude, let’s ensure every mom feels cherished and valued (not just on mom’s day but everyday please!).

During our recent annual dialogue with MAS in early April, the committee team of AIWM engaged in fruitful discussions on various regulatory and compliance matters pertinent to the wealth management industry.

We exchanged insights on industry trends, updates in regulations, and best practices to ensure alignment with MAS guidelines. Furthermore, the team shared and explored several AIWM initiatives aimed at enhancing the integrity and resilience of independent wealth within Singapore’s financial landscape.

It’s imperative for all of us to continue playing an active role in nurturing Singapore’s independent wealth sector.

Following the MAS dialogue, the association emphasizes three key areas for members to focus on:

  1. Strengthened risk governance, compliance, and technical proficiency, which are crucial for upholding the integrity and reputation of Singapore’s wealth management industry.
  2. Implementation of proper policies, procedures, and robust KYC/AML monitoring to combat financial crimes and ensure regulatory compliance.
  3. Attention to conflicts of interest and segregation of duties to mitigate potential ethical breaches and operational risks within organizations.

Our Q2 calendar is packed with exciting events and opportunities for professional growth and networking. We kicked off the quarter with a lively business gathering at My Awesome Café on April 18th, providing an opportunity for AIWM members to relax and connect.

Looking ahead, make sure not to miss our seminar dedicated to advancing Singapore’s goal of becoming a regional philanthropic hub. During this event on the 8th May, co-hosted by UBS and AIWM, we’ll explore innovative strategies to drive social impact and sustainability.

Additionally, mark your calendars for the highly anticipated AIWM Professional Excellence event on May 23rd at the Fullerton Hotel. This flagship event will feature insights from industry leaders, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities aimed at elevating professional standards and fostering excellence in wealth management.

As we gear up for the next Regulatory and Compliance event, we would like to delve deeper into the critical issues surrounding conflicts of interest and segregation of duties (one of the 3 focus key areas). By examining best practices from industry experts, we aim to equip our participants with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively navigate these complex challenges. Together, we can cultivate a culture of compliance and ethical conduct that enhances trust and confidence in the financial sector.

Keep an eye on your inbox for invitations and updates, and reserve these dates to maximize your participation in these enriching experiences.

As always, thank you for being there and your continued support and participation. Your dedication strengthens our community and drives the advancement of our shared goals.

Together, we can accomplish great things and contribute to the growth and prosperity of Singapore’s wealth management industry.

Here’s to our collective success, and may we continue to thrive as a united and dynamic association.

Onwards and upwards,

Bernard Ong,
AIWM Regulatory & Advocacy