Propose an event for AIWM members

It’s been a rollercoaster ride over the past months with Covid-19 restrictions tightening and loosening around the world and in Singapore. Thankfully, much of the Singapore population is now vaccinated and some are getting their booster. While we are concerned with health and safety we are also looking forward to things gradually opening up over time. 

With that in mind, the AIWM committee would like to invite Associate Members to:

1) Consider hosting a Physical Event/Session up to 50pax, in which we saw a recent success from the recent lunch session.

2) We are also open to webinar proposals. Given the webinar fatigue for everyone, we come up with some creative ideas like having tea or lunch sent to participants could be helpful! (The AIWM will fund these subject to approval.)

We highly recommend considering having your event/webinar qualified for CPD hours, this is highly sought by members.

Please note the following guidelines and structure of continuing professional development (“CPD”) training:

  1. lectures; 
  2. conferences;  
  3. workshops;  
  4. courses; 
  5. product seminars prior to the launch of new products; and 
  6. e-learning courses 

which have clear learning objectives and outcomes that are clearly documented. Please submit your proposal for your firm’s session for the committee’s review.

Note that general country and market outlook sessions do not qualify for CPD hours.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Please note that requests for events are subject to approval by the committee in line with the needs of the Association.
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